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Happy Tails
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Tuesday, 26 July 2011 18:27


Max was a gorgeous, 6 month old purebred Chocolate Lab.  His foster parents quickly realized Max would need a very special home that could get him the extreme level of exercise he required.  He is a super sweet boy, very eager to please and very smart.  He learned how to dock dive and has been hooked since.  He is reportedly doing great, his new parents are smitten and Max gets to spend a considerable amount of time at the beach, where he thinks he belongs.

Minnie was a super sweet 8 month old Chihuahua.  She was incredibly shy when she first came into rescue but warmed up quickly to her foster parents and became very affectionate.  She loved to play chase in the house with the resident retrievers and forgot that she is only a fraction of their size.  But Minnie made up for that discrepancy in heart.  She is a bright dog that learned quickly, especially with food or treats as the reward.  She now lives with two other dogs closer to her size and spends her days chasing them around the yard.

Simon is a handsome, 2 year old, purebred Chesapeake Bay Retirever.  He had been left behind by his owner at a ranch with his 4 year old brother. Simon was incredibly sweet and loving.  He got along with everyone.  He loved to play and learned to really enjoy swimming.




Chester is a gorgeous, 4 year old old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  He and his brother, Simon, had been abandoned by his owner and found themselves in a high-kill shelter.  Chester settled into his foster home quickly and soon learned how much fun swimming and retrieving was.  He was a natural for dock diving and looks forward to competing with his new family in the future.  He is also being field trained for duck hunting.  We are certain that this is something he is going to excel at, even more so than most Chessies.

Mesa is a super sweet, energetic 6 month old, female, Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. She loves to run and play with other dogs and has the long stems to do so.  Her favorite thing to do is zoom around the yard playing chase with other dogs.  She is very smart and is learning to hunt pheasants.  She lives next to a large natural preserve where she can run all day long.


Cabella is an exceptional, 7 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever.  She had been relinquished to the shelter by her owner after having been found walking around town as a stray multiple times.  Cabella was a very agreeable girl who loved nothing more than belly rubs and afternoon walks.  Once she learned to swim, she was hooked and could play for hours.  Cabella now lives next door to Chester and Mesa and spends her time swimming in her own pool, going for walks and duck hunting.


Pippin was an approximately 8 month old Chihuahua/Miniature Pinscher mix.  He was bubbly and outgoing and loved meeting new people and dogs.  He now lives with a Great Dane and Bull Mastiff and although he isn't the biggest dog in the house in terms of size, he makes up for the difference in personality.






Paisley was an approximately 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier/Miniature Poodle mix.  She was a tenacious little girl with an abundance of energy.  She loved to swim and play with her foster brothers and sisters, some of whom were ten times her size.





Sidney was an approximately 6 month old Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She was a little spitfire with a lot to offer an active family. She is incredibly smart and athletic and had more heart than any other dog we've seen in a long time. She and her two Chi sisters now rule her parents house.






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